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2009 Nobel week (which follows 2009 Ig Nobel) October 6, 2009

Posted by apetrov in Physics, Science.

Tomorrow (Oct 6) the 2009 Nobel prize in physics will be announced. Before that happens, I want to put my 2 cents in predicting it. Don’t worry, it never works for those kind of things, I should really leave my predictions to physics. But in case it works:

* My bet (drum roll…): Adam Reiss, Saul Perlmutter and Robert Kischner for discovery of accelerating Universe.

Now, apparently that totally contradicts predictions of Thompson Scientific, who claim the following:


Who do you think will win the Nobel Prize in Physics?

Yakir Aharonov and
Sir Michael V. Berry – 24%
Juan Ignacio Cirac and
Peter Zoller – 27%
Andre K. Geim and
Kostya Novoselov – 14%
Sumio Iijima – 14%
Other – 20%


But don’t worry, they never get it right either. Although I like the graphene idea for a Nobel Prize (Geim and Novoselov)…

P.S. The 2009 Ig Nobel prize in physics was given to Liza Shapiro, Kathleen Whitcome and Daniel Lieberman on why pregnant women don’t tip over. Actually, that paper was published in the journal Nature. Serious research (this is not a joke).



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