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The Daily Show’s take on LHC May 1, 2009

Posted by apetrov in Funny, Particle Physics, Physics, Science.

I would imagine that many were quite delighted yesterday night when The Daily Show‘s Science Correspondent John Oliver reported on the Large Hadron Collider. It’s nice to to see that LHC finally made it way to Comedy Central — with answers to the burning questions “Why the @#$% would you recreate the Big Bang?” and “Does that sound a bit @#$% dangerous?”

He interviewed CERN’s John Ellis and, touching on the beaten subject of black hole production (no, not those. the ones that could eat up the Earth) at the LHC. He then traveled to Hawaii and talked to that “nuclear physicist” person who brought in a (failed) lawsuit to stop LHC construction. It was nice to see that John Oliver seemed to know more about statistics than that “nuclear physicist.”

Have fun watching the video! It can be found here: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=225921&title=large-hadron-collider


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