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UK pulls out of ILC December 11, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Near Physics, Particle Physics, Physics, Science.

Ouch! What a news from the UK! PhysicsWorld reported that due to a funding crisis in the UK science (aren’t we always in crisis when it is about funding science? It’s much easier to give out subprime loans and then moan about the crisis when peoople default on those), the country is pulling out of the International Linear Collider project. And not just pulling out because of the lack of funds — here is the exact text from the Delivery Plan, the document that is produced by the UK’s Facilities Council (which is “… [the organization that] operates world-class, large scale research facilities and provides strategic advice to the UK government on their development. It also manages international research projects in support of a broad cross-section of the UK research community. The Council also directs, coordinates and funds research, education and training.” — see the website):

“We will cease investment in the International Linear Collider. We do not see a practicable path towards the realisation of this facility as currently conceived on a reasonable timescale. “

How about that? And this is with all the ideas and plans that are already on the table (including projects that were chopped because of the ILC)… The International Linear Collider just became a chunck less international… This is really bad timing — as we learned recently, the real cost of ILC would also likely to go up

P.S. One can find the complete text of the Delivery Plan here.



1. Nikita Nikolaev - December 11, 2007

This is so unfortunate, really. And the sad part is that they never will pull the funding back in anymore, because they will now see that they will be able to save a few million dollars a year by not funding a particular part of UK’s science involvement and they will be very happy about it, no doubt.

It is only if something strikes their forehead that they will think about finding the money: something like a major discovery at the ILC, which therefore will not be UK’s contribution.

Ай-яй-яй… не хорошо…

2. apetrov - December 14, 2007

Indeed. The worst thing is that they did do lots of research on ILC — and were one of the leading participants…

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