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Persis Drell named director of SLAC December 6, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Near Physics, Particle Physics, Physics, Science.

As I predicted here, Persis Drell has been named the fourth director of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. She is a great physicists and, I’m sure, will lead SLAC to a brighter future (which can be read as you wish — especially since SLAC will soon have no on-site particle physics experiements, but will have a very bright X-ray source). We interacted a bit what I was a postdoc at Cornell (she was a professor there for 14 years). She helped turn SLAC into an active astrophysics lab and resisted attempts to argue for building of a super-B factory there.

Hmm… maybe I should do predictions for money… wait, I actually do that — I’m a theorist… 🙂


1. Nikita Nikolaev - December 11, 2007

That’s the best part about being a theorist: predict 😉 Let others worry about everything else =)

I’m sorry, I’m kind of new to the field: SLAC won’t have on-site experiments, but will be a bright X-ray source?


2. apetrov - December 11, 2007

Hi Nikita,

Well, it’s the “predict” part that is usually non-trivial. 🙂

As for SLAC — no, they would have on-site experiments, but those wouldn’t be experiments in particle physics. The X-ray source that they have will be used in condensed matter and biophysics experiments (like taking pictures of molecular disintegration and things like that). Please see here: http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/



3. Nikita Nikolaev - December 11, 2007

Thank you so much, Alexey!

So they will soon convert from high energy to condense matter physics. I wonder if that is because of CERN’s beginning next year; Persis Drell said: “Fields of science and the laboratory programs have advanced remarkably in 45 years… [the] linac is now being retooled to be the injector for the world’s first X-ray free electron laser.”

But I’m sure it isn’t — simply my curiosity dug deaper into her words with no sufficient ground to base upon =)

And yes! Predicting _is_ the non-trivial part indeed! This is precisely the reason I am training for a theorist! 🙂

4. apetrov - December 14, 2007

> And yes! Predicting _is_ the non-trivial part indeed! This is precisely the reason I am training for a theorist! 🙂

Good! Please pass my regards to Mike Luke, if you have a chance.

5. Nikita Nikolaev - December 14, 2007

I sure will!

By the way, I don’t see him a lot lately. I remember last time I talked to him, he said he wanted to start some new research. Perhaps that’s what preocupies him, in addition to all the administrative duties (since he’s the department chair now) especially with the exam season going on full strength.

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