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Selected phrases from a recent conference August 17, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Funny, Particle Physics, Physics, Science.

Just wanted to share some phrases by physicists that caught my attention during a recent conference I went to (CHARM-2007):

“The errors are consistent within the error” (comparing recent experimental measurement with the older one).

“I cannot measure […], I don’t have my own accelerator. But you do!” (theorist replying to a question from an experimentalist).

“Don’t listen to what I say, listen to what I think!” (from an experimentalist who misspoke about a result, but caught himself while doing it)

“I’m not sure how to get to my conclusions now” (from a speaker having technical difficulties with a remote that advances slides)

Also, this phrase was repeated to me — it is from another meeting. That meeting wasn’t even a conference, it was a meeting on super-B factory. One of the proposals call for essentially moving SLAC‘s experiment (BaBar) to Europe, reassembling it there in the new, undevelloped site and finally upgrading it to high luminocity. So a question was posed: why bother digging a new tunnel in Europe, de-assembling an experiment in the US and reassembling it back when you can just upgrade it at SLAC, one well-known physicist said: “We don’t do this anymore” [in the US]. Sadly he was referring to (almost) an executive decision to stop flavor physics programs in the US…



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