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Finally, it is done! May 26, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Particle Physics, Physics, Science.

I haven’t been blogging actively in the last month or so. Indeed, this is related to the end-of-the-semester business. But mainly I was very much absorbed by writing this paper… And, finally, it was submitted to the preprint ArXiv on Thursday night, 15 minutes before the cut-off time for Friday’s distribution! Now, it turned out to be a big paper — 86 pages, almost as thick as my PhD thesis. We hope that it wouldn’t scare potential readers… It took us a while to finish it. In fact, here is an archive picture of four collaborators with one of us pointing to (one of) a due date(s) when this paper was supposed to be finished (click to enlarge)…


(now, that’s August 15 of last year…)

What is this paper about? As I blogged before, two experimental collaborations, BaBar and Belle have recently reported evidence of oscillations of the so-called D-mesons, elementary particles containing charmed quark and light up-antiquark. As it turns out, this particle, the D0 meson, can turn into its own anti-particle, anti-D0 meson (which contains charmed anti-quark and light up-quark). Kinda like oscillations between matter and anti-matter particles! This kind of thing can occur in the Standard Model, the currently-accepted theory of electroweak interactions, only due to quantum (or so-called loop) effects. That means that processes like that can be very succeptable to influence by New Physics, i.e. physics beyond the Standard Model. So we looked at the implications of this new experimental result on a large variety of new physics models, from extra Higgs particle and extra quarks to things like supersymmetry or extra dimensions. Enjoy reading it!



1. dorigo - June 7, 2007

Hey, congratulations! I will give it a close look!


2. apetrov - June 19, 2007

Thanks! Sure, please do — but it’s a heavy read at 86 pages… we just try to make life “easier” for the experimentalists 🙂

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[…] gave a talk about the results at ICHEP conference in 2006)! I guess this year is about finishing up old projects… But this is an exciting event since one of my co-authors is my second grad student Andriy, […]

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