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Unexpected award March 29, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Near Physics, Science.

I am a faculty advisor for the WSU’s chapter of Society of Physics Students (SPS). What that means is that I help our undergraduate and graduate students who are members of SPS with what they need from the faculty/Chair/University/… — basically a liason between them and anyone else when senior faculty involvment is required. Our SPS fellows are really a great bunch! After some years of inactivity, this year’s incarnation of SPS is burst with activity — among other things I just have to mention a program for tuitoring of high school girls in Detroit that they developed! Of course, this is all due to their leadership, Aragorn Steiger, Emmet Brown, Wesley Leonard and their “cabinet” (see the above link to our SPS chapter). Of course, I’m trying to help them with anything I can, but it is really their sucessfull enterprize and my help is minimal. They are running a fine SPS chapter and should be recognized for that.

Yet, in a surprise development, they informed me yesterday that recently they nominated me for the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award, which is a part of WSU’s  Campus Life Leadership Awards. Moreover, they also informed me that, as of yesterday, I won that award!

Thank you, guys! I really appreciate that!

P.S. They also told me that this award was also a recognision for the HiSchool DiSCo project that I’m trying to run, but which really needs money to buy new computers… I’ll blog more about this project tomorrow.


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