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Floor-washing and the 21st century technology February 7, 2007

Posted by apetrov in Cool non-physics stuff, Uncategorized.

We decided to move into the 21st century. Well, technically, we are there already, since we have not one, but two robots roaming the open spaces of our house. What I’m talking about are the two robots that perform two functions that humans need to perform from time to time in order to keep their habitat clean, floor-vacuuming and floor-washing. So we got Roomba and Scooba. The later is especially helpful with tile floors… Here it is:


 It actually works… That is, it still works… until I get this book and start experimenting with it… By the way, if you are thinking about getting one, buying one in the Sharper Image store is the last thing I’d do (they’d overcharge you by a factor of 2)…. just my two cents…



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2. Izrul Fizal - August 7, 2007

Cool toy… what is the course of this machine anyway? I’m thinking to get one if it is not that expensive.

3. Azizah - August 7, 2007

With this cleaning machine, I don’t thing we are going to need a maid anymore. These days, machine can do all the hard work. 🙂

4. apetrov - August 7, 2007

Izrul Fizal: I paid $279 for BOTH Scooba (pictured) and a red Roomba, the vacuuming robot. I got it online with some Christmas special…

5. apetrov - August 7, 2007


Well, it still cannot do stairs. And you have to move it form upstairs to downstairs…. so it’s your choice… but we are pretty happy with it so far.

6. Izrul Fizal - August 29, 2007

Hi apetrov, would you mine providing me with the link to the website where you bought the Scooba and Roomba? Really appreciate it.

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