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Two stories December 22, 2006

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Our winter semester is over, finals are graded and grades are posted. Hurray! It’s time to do some research. Not that research is not done when classes are in session, but to have two weeks of time purely devoted to research… that’s priceless. Postdoc years are truly the best years, especially if you already have an offer for a faculty job :-).

 Anyway, I just felt that since our semester is over, I’ll tell you two stories. One happened to my colleague here and another to me. Here they are:

Story 1. Why he drives Honda.

So this story happened to a colleague of mine here at WSU (at least I was told so). He was teaching a large physics class of (usually frustrated) students. At one point, the material he was going over was kinda complicated. The students became so frustrated that they stopped listening to his lecture and started doing whatever students ususally do when they are not interested in what’s going on. When he tried to bring some order to class, one student turned to him and said:

“What are we doing here anyway? Physics is boring and I personally don’t need it. C’mon, they tell us that we need it to get good jobs and all, but I already have a job. I work for Ford. What do you have to say about that?”

My colleague’s answer was quick: “That’s why I drive Honda” he said….

Story 2. Why we need math.

 I used to drive Honda too. I liked my Accord that I got after graduation. But it wsa getting old and needed some repairs: a new muffler. It so happened that I also needed an oil change and, to make the story complete, I got a postcard from our local Honda dealership offering 20% off their services. Fine, I decided to go there to change oil and get a new muffler. So I gave my 20%-off coupon to the lady cashier there. They did those repairs reasonably quickly. When I got to pay for the services, I checked my bill to notice that I only got 10% off. So I asked them what”s going on there.

She took my receipt, looked at it. Then looked at it again. And then you could almost see a lightbulb bursting above her head: “Well, sir,” she said, “What do you mean we didn’t take 20% off? See: we took 10% off your muffler job AND 10% off your oil change!”

Just in case, I asked if she tok any courses at WSU… I don’t go to that dealership anymore… 



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