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Blogosphere: cool blackboard October 14, 2006

Posted by apetrov in Near Physics.

So, there’s been some discussion in blogosphere about a miracle blackboard (see here). I can’t help to brag a bit: we got this board in our Physics Department! Here is a nice picture of us (well, what you see in this picture is almost the whole “senior part” of our theory group here at WSU) talking about something and actually using the board:

Well, we don’t use it as a board in this picture, we got a paper donwloaded and displayed on the board. One cool thing about that is that you can mark things on it…

It’s a neat thing, don’t you think? One thing, though is  the cost…  I actually wanted to run our particle theory seminars in that room using the board, but it’s too small… The guy who put it in place for his “Innovation lab” (essentially, a nice small conference room) is no longer with the Department, so we all can use it. Rumor is that the equipment for this“Innovation lab” (including the board) cost more than my startup…



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[…] So she visited our Department, listened to our short 40-min presentation of research directions (the idea was to talk about something related to astronomy/astrophysics, so four of us took turns talking about astrophysics, nuclear theory, particle theory — that was my stint — and … nanoscience). I guess it must have been overwhelming at times, but she said she had fun (look at the picture below taken in the room with a cool whiteboard). Moreover, the only equation in the whole presentation (which I tried to sneak into my Powerpoint slides) did not survive Windows > Mac conversion… […]

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