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Do we respect each other? March 12, 2006

Posted by apetrov in Uncategorized.

This semester is drawing to close. Well, Spring Break hasn’t even begun yet (next week!!!), but all the signs are that summer is not far… Soon, it will be Student Evaluations time. I guess every University has them but every universtity use them in a different way. Here I want to talk about different kind of evaluations.

Students talk about teachers: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com
Teachers talk about students: http://rateyourstudents.blogspot.com/

Check them out, quite an interesting read…



1. Jamie - September 19, 2006

No we dont, people abuse authority, age affects people’s views on respecting.

We should all respect eachother as we are all human.

No-one is better than anyone!

2. amy - August 23, 2007

we are all human yet we are all different, not one of us are the same as another person but we should all show respect to eachother.

We all live on the same planet and no one is better or worse than any other person.

3. apetrov - August 23, 2007

Great words, Amy! I wish everybody could understand this. The point is how to apply it to local scale — sometimes I get students in my class (especially when teaching large undergraduate clasees) who talk during my lectures, send SMS messages, etc. Do they respect me? When student tries to cheat during an exanm does he/she respect me and what I teach?

And in not-so-rare cases I see an attitude “everybody should respect ME!” Yes, but what about YOU respecting others?

4. ada - May 12, 2010

if u feel student sending sms during class its not means he/she cheat you.
understand me means student:::::::
its not a issu of respect ok its another mater

5. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggg - May 12, 2010

Respecting others is an attitude. What does it mean? It does not simply mean wishing the other person or getting up when he/she appears. Respecting other people mean that we beleive that the other person is a decent man with civic sense & honesty. It means that you don’t expect the other person to be rude, harmful, distrustful or disgusting. This depends on what one beleives oneself to be. If one beleives in his/her intergrity then others too will appear simillarly but if one has no intergrity then the other one too will appear the same. In short a thief recognises another. Respect & fear are difficult to differentiate. In a gang members fear each other. In an office too the juniors fear the bosses. At school we generally fear our teachers but later in life when we meet them we respect them. So you see, respecting others is simply respecting one self. It is to see one self in the other person. Without respect for others it is difficult to function in a society.

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